MiCrédito is an innovative organization that not only services the growing urban market for microcredit in Nicaragua, but has developed an inspiring rural micro-lending program, reaching those who are most often ignored by the traditional banking system.

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Empowering young people

By Lyann Urbina

Fulfilling both social needs and their institutional mission, MiCrédito rewarded eight new young graduates from the Esteli and Matagalpa university with a scholarship for the Finance Diplomate imparted by specialists on the subject, said Martha Merlo, Chief of Human Resources of the institution and activity coordinator.

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MiCrédito has built a loyal client-base based on a competitively-priced credit product for small commercial entrepreneurs and agricultural producers in Nicaragua.

MiCrédito uses a personal approach, going door to door, visiting rural communities by motorcycle. The desire is that all clients have a personal relationship with a member of MiCrédito's staff before the loan application process begins. These staff members are local to each office and many have deep ties to their local community. Read some client stories.

Learn more about MiCrédito clients. Watch videos produced by MiCrédito interns.

MiCrédito clients have stories to tell! Learn more about Gregorio, Angela, Elia Rose and others.

Did you know...MiCrédito has 10 branches that span across Nicaragua, reaching both the rural and urban population?

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