Quick Facts

infoMiCrédito's average loan size is US $1,744.

infoMiCrédito currently has 8,158 active loans.

infoMiCrédito has 52 credit officers with an average of 146 borrowers per loan officer.

infoMiCrédito has 11 branches that span across Nicaragua, reaching both the rural and urban population. The most recent branch opened in Masaya in Feburary 2016.

infoMiCrédito aims to open a new branch every year, in order to better reach potential clients.

infoMiCrédito was founded in 2004.

infoMiCrédito employs 98 people.

infoMiCrédito's average interest rate is 3.5% per month. MiCrédito's average interest rate for students is 1.5% per month. (Average for the industry is 4.41%.)

infoMiCrédito was profitable after only 15 months of operations.

infoMiCrédito has 7,607 active clients; 58% of them are women.

infoMiCrédito has built a loyal client-base based on a competitively-priced credit products for small commercial entrepreneurs and agricultural producers in Nicaragua.

**Statistics updated in September 2016.